To create a working environment that places the highest value on the welfare of the individual, to instill a sense of ownership and to embrace excellence in all aspects of performance.


To create added value for our customers through best-in-class performance in environment, safety and health.


To place the safety and well-being of our employees and subcontractors first and to embody honesty and integrity in the pursuit of our vision.

Emphasize work planning, hazard analysis and hazard control.
Secure active employee and subcontractor participation.
Integrate the customers’ requirements and expectations.
Vest the responsibility and accountability for ES&H performance within the line organization.
Create added value.
Instill management and feedback systems that permit the measurement of progress toward our vision.
Reward superior performance.
Exploit opportunities for program improvement.
Communicate effectively, consistently, and completely.

The Handbook Acknowledgment Receipt shows that the Employee has received and read the Safety Handbook and agrees to abide to its provisions as well as other policies and procedures.


We have committed to our clients, teaming partners and employee, that our projects will represent the highest standards in safety for the construction industry. To accomplish this, we need your help, the assistance of your co-workers and the support of all our subcontractors and their employees.

 This handbook is intended to help you understand and comply with the safety requirements of our Company, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (OSHA). This handbook is provided as a supplement, not replacements to the OSHA safety regulations found in the Code of Federal Regulations, the Company’s Safety Procedures and Guidelines Manual.

 Your employment here may involve new work methods that you are not familiar with. If you are uncertain about any aspect of your job, particularly the safest way to perform the work, ASK your supervisor.

To work in full compliance with the safety rules and regulations, good communication is necessary between you and your foreman, your superintendent, your safety representative, your co-workers (regardless of craft), and any others affected by your actions. Before you begin any job, you must be familiar with the hazards associated with the work and the precautions to be taken to avoid an accident or injury.

Read the following basic safety instructions, and study carefully the sections that apply to your work. Try to carry this handbook at all times, and use it to refresh your safety knowledge and skills whenever you are faced with different work situations.

Your Project, Our Expertise, From Cradle To grave.

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